Rock and Roll Bingo

Did you know that Alpha Entertainments can provide Rock and Roll Bingo to your event and/or bar or venue? Well, you do now! 

So, what is Rock and Roll Bingo?

Well, we presume you know what the conventional rules of bingo are, right? Rock and Roll bingo follows those same rules but replacing the numbers for music!

A typical game consists of 4 rounds of bingo, you’ll hear approximately 10-20 seconds of the song, if it’s on your card then dab it! See, very similar to conventional bingo right?

Prizes can vary from novelty items, “The Price Is Right” style prizes, beer / wine tokens and even a cash prize!

Why choose us to provide it?

We have over 28 years in the entertainment industry, combining our skills, abilities and equipment we add our own custom swing to Rock and Roll Bingo making it a centre of attention, rather than a ghetto-blaster in the corner of the room. We interact with players, using wireless microphones for callers we can walk around the room making sure everyone is playing correctly and answer any troubleshooting questions the players have.

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