Terms and Conditions

Application of Terms

The Terms and Conditions listed below apply exclusively to every Booking Agreement, hirer and all quotations made and bookings accepted are subject to these Terms and Conditions. No terms introduced by the customer shall take priority over these terms.

Additional Fees

  • Late payment charge – £15.00
  • Change of Event Date on a Booking Agreement – £25.00
  • Cancellation Fee – (See Below)
  • Re-booking after previously cancelling – £20.00

Balance Due

The balance due amount can be paid on the night of the event or prior to the event. Packages such as the Bespoke Wedding Package requires a deposit fee of 25% paid 14-days prior to the event (non-refundable). Payment can be made by Cash or BACs (please enquire for information). We do not accept cheques or bankers draft.

A late payment charge (see above) will occur if the balance due is not met on the night or prior to the event.


The hirer is fully responsible their guests and their behaviour. Alpha Entertainments will not entertain abusive hirers and / or guests and will cease providing a service under instances of threatening behaviour. We reserve the right to end all entertainment services early, without prior warning or refund in the interests of company staff safety.

Cancellation Charges

The hirer holds the right to cancel the booking at any time by doing so over the phone or by e-mail to alpha.dj@live.co.uk – Cancellations made within the following time scales will be charged at the percentage rate stated.

  • 120 days or less = 20% of Balance Due in £
  • 90 days or less = 25% of Balance Due in £
  • 60 days or less = 30% of Balance Due in £
  • 30 days or less = 50% of Balance Due in £
  •  7  days or less = 75% of Balance Due in £


In the event of a complaint the hirer should attempt to rectify the problem with Alpha Entertainments staff on the event date at the venue. If this is not possible then complaints should be written to alpha.dj@live.co.uk or by phoning company managers. Complaints will be investigated and resolved ASAP.

Delivery and Arrival

Alpha Entertainments can give no guarantee to arrive at the venue at the time stated on the booking agreement due to circumstances out of our control (e.g. adverse weather conditions, traffic conditions etc.). If in the event of turning up late, crew will give their best attempts to be set up and started on the time stated. Where possible, Alpha Entertainments will arrive through the day at the venue and set the equipment up early giving more time to prepare.

Equipment Installation

All equipment hired will be safely and correctly installed by a member of trained staff. We reserve the right to withdraw a piece of equipment if it is deemed unsafe.

Equipment Operation

Alpha Entertainments staff must only operate the equipment provided to the hirer. Under no circumstance must any equipment be operated by unauthorised personnel nor must they tamper with or move the equipment.

Insurance and Damage

Alpha Entertainments hold £10million Public Liability Insurance (ask to see proof of certificate). Our insurance only covers our crew and equipment. We cannot be held responsible for venue insurance and / licenses. Company Vehicles and Equipment damaged by the hirer or guests will be charged to the hirer at replacement costs.

Extra Service Time

Alpha Entertainments can provide a disco service passed the stated times on the booking agreement however this time is charged at the following rate:

  • Extra 30 minutes – £25
  • Extra hour(s) – £50 (per hour)

Venue Restrictions

It is the hirers responsibility to make sure that all equipment hired (including optional extras) are suitable for use at the venue location. No refunds, part or full can be given for non-use of equipment due to venue restrictions. Not all equipment can fit through narrow doorways and up tight staircases, it is the hirers responsibility to make Alpha Entertainments aware of any venue restrictions.

Booking Agreement

For any event catered for by Alpha Entertainments, by booking us you therefore accept these terms and conditions. Bookings which exceed a price of £200 must have a signed booking agreement. This can be done in person during a meet and greet or electronically via the E-Sign service. All packages require a signed booking agreement.

Music Licences

It is the hirers responsibility to make sure that the venue in which Alpha Entertainments are performing in holds the correct and up-to-date music licences, (PRS, PPL etc.) Alpha Entertainments do not hold these licences personally.

Effects Machines

It is the hirers responsibility to make sure any hired effects machines (haze, smoke, low-flying fog, snow) can be used safely in the venue. No refunds, part or full can be given for the withdrawal of an effects machine if it’s deemed unsafe. For example, our snow machine gives out a foam to simulate the effect of snow, this is therefore unsafe to be used on shiny surfaces such as dance floors.

* Terms and Conditions are correct to the date of March 10th 2016.