Mobile Night Club

Your own private night club, wherever you want!

Alpha Entertainments are proud to offer one of our latest packages, the Mobile Night Club! Whatever the venue, we can bring that night club look and vibe to you!

Large Lighting Rig

One of the key features of a night club are the lights and using our trussing system we can provide a large lighting rig to our mobile night club. This can combine a variety of moving-mirror scanners, UV cannons to give that UV glow! Lasers, barrel-roll scanners and LED wash lights which can also be used as uplighting around the room.

Smoke and Haze

The magic ingredient to give our large lighting rig the stunning night club look is haze, we use a professional quality haze machine and water-based haze which won’t make the room look like Stars In Their Eyes but catch the beams of light just as good! However, if the Stars In Their Eyes look is what you’re after then we can also use our large smoke machine to give a smokey blast to your event!

Large ‘n’ Loud PA System

The second key feature of a good night club is the “banging” sound system! We use the highest quality-sounding PA system with plenty of punchy bass and high-clarity top ends so our music sounds just as it would it would live. We choose the correct size PA system for the venue and we can go up to 10,000W of power!

Experienced DJ

Our company owner, Mark has been DJing for over 28 years and in his action-packed career has worked for big names such as Hed Kandi and can mix music from the 60s to modern chart and even has a speciality in house music, dance and even hardcore and hardstyle (if that tickles your fancy!). Over the past 8 years Mark has trained and taught Alex who has also very good talent and between them both they will give our Mobile Night Club the mix it needs!

Photographic examples of our Mobile Night Club from Andrew Mounsey: